Saturday, 11 April 2015

Martinho's mural of an Italian festival

AA alumnus and instructor Martinho Correia was commissioned by the Business Revitalization Zone of International Avenue in Calgary, Canada, to paint a mural of an Italian festival. Pulling from his experience of life in Italy, Martinho chose to paint a subject he knew well: The Flag Wavers of the Uffizi. The mural measures 8 x 16 feet and was painted with outdoor latex paint on plastic dibond panel. It will join seven other murals on the Avenue in celebration of the diversity of Calgary's cultural makeup.

He writes that the fun thing for him was that he had four assistants on this mural. Martinho painted the heads and hands, and each of the other artists worked on a particular partflag specialist, background, statue specialist. "A really fun project," he writes.

We'll show an image of the completed mural after the unveiling on April 30.

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