Thursday, 23 April 2015

Losana and Llewellyn

(Written by Losana Boyd)

Our copy of Claudio Coello’s “The Triumph of St. Augustine” has been presented to the Canonry of St. Leopold, a community of Augustinian Canons Regular in Long Island, New York. The original, painted in 1664 for the Augustinian monastery in Acalá de Henares, is now on display in Madrid’s Museo del Prado. 

In developing our painting, we utilized as much as possible the methods and pigments that Coello would have used, beginning with a wash drawing in umber on a gessoed linen canvas prepared with a mid-range campitura, and building up successive layers of paint and glazes to encourage richness of depth and luminosity. 

As co-collaborators on this painting for the Canonry, part of our motivation was to restore, to some degree, the former tradition of artists working together on larger scale projects. As Catholic artists, we also want to make available images from our great Catholic treasury of sacred art to parishoners who might not otherwise have the opportunity to see examples of these works.

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