Saturday, 7 March 2015

The Training of the 21st-century Representational Painter

Angel Academy's studio director, Michael John Angel, will be giving a talk (with 88 images) at the Ulster Festival of the Arts in Belfast on the 12th of March. The subject is The Training of the 21st-century Representational Painter, with digitally projected images of the stages of that training during the three-year programme at the Angel Academy, Florence, and will include examples of the great work being done by modern representational painters. These include Nelson Shanks, Richard Schmid, Donato Giancola, Roberto Ferri, Arantzazu Martínez, Rob Liberace, Juliette Aristides, Marina Dieul, Jeffrey Mims, Jacob Collins, Odd Nerdrum and others.

That same morning (the 12th), he is to be part of a panel discussion on modern art.

Follow the Maestro at the festival!


  1. Wish that was also happening in London too!

  2. this was a great experience, John Angel's talk was fabulous and it was a pleasure to meet him and spend time with him. An open, generous and funny man, he is an inspiration.