Saturday, 18 October 2014

Bring Skill Based Art to Public Schools

Thank you everyone for your support!

News from the ARC:
Help! - Bring Skill Based Art to Public Schools!!

Greater amounts are of course welcome, but even a $1 donation will help the DVI Kickstarter come up with greater frequency within Kickstarter Searches. If even a small portion of our subscribers were to donate $1 we would easily fund this Kickstarter campaign. We need your help. The Da Vinci Initiative has started a major fundraising campaign through Kickstarter to bring skill-based training in the visual arts to public schools K-12. Teaching realist based art skills such as those implemented by Da Vinci and Michelangelo not only aligns with current educational research that other subjects currently embrace, but it also enhances the number of choices students can make when creating their own work. To view the Kickstarter project and video or to donate, click here. The Da Vinci Initiative is officially endorsed by the Washington Art Education Association.

To view the Kickstarter project and video or to donate, click here.

Fun fact: Both alumni Teresa Oaxaca and Nancy Hines are Da Vinci Initiative Ambassadors! More about what they are doing for the DVI coming up... stay tuned!

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